Part of a crowd

Look at all these people,Everyone so different yet so similar. The one on call looks so happy,His eyes scrunched up while laughing.The one sitting by himself on a bench,Hoping someone would fill that empty place.The one looking all stressed up,Wish i could say to him..take life as it comes.The one sleeping against the window,What must … Continue reading Part of a crowd

26 days of lettering

Hey everyone!!!! This quarantine made everyone do things they never thought they’d do... and discover ourselves ... So I took up a lettering challenge out of boredom and I’m really impressed that I was consistent and came up with sooo many creative ideas. I lettered a word for each of 26 alphabets for 26 days. … Continue reading 26 days of lettering

Two Different Souls

Happened to break a hole into my wall and guess what I see...There’s someone lookin at me. The same look that’s on my face,The T-shirt I had that says “this is a phase”. Can't believe there’s another me.Is it real what I see? Does she have a pretty life like I do?Does she cry as … Continue reading Two Different Souls


All packed with thick coats, hats and scarves. We cover up all our deepest scars! None have we found who deep stares,Just the ones that say “who cares”. We look at the people with pity To not judge us pretty easy.Few are who look into your eyes, Never wanting to say goodbyes. That moment you … Continue reading Vulnerable

Revival of a pretty today

What if i wake up to be 60 in a dream. What if i can only remember the memories in bits and pieces. What if the people who were dearest to me.. have been long gone and left traces What if love just becomes a genre you search for in the bookstore aisles. What if … Continue reading Revival of a pretty today

Daybreak of a Night owl

Night’s got me feeling like.... I can ring the highest bell I can flood motivation like a spell. I can tame toxic cities in me I can run away to islands in dreams. I can name all the stars above I can weave memories of love. I can become one of God’s greatest gifts I … Continue reading Daybreak of a Night owl

Gardening is a motherly instinct 

Growing a plant is as simple as it sounds. But do you actually know how it feels like to mother a plant?  I always had a thing for gardening, but never really had time for it. But during Christmas holidays in 2018, surfing the net, I came across a website that sells seeds and plants … Continue reading Gardening is a motherly instinct 

There is Wisdom of the Mind, there is Wisdom of the Heart. -Charles Dickens

Science is organized knowledge, wisdom is organized Life If you want to reach the highest and stable point in your life then the only solitary virtue you need is Wisdom. They say wisdom is when you can differentiate between the right and the wrong but the true wisdom lies in differentiating between the right and … Continue reading There is Wisdom of the Mind, there is Wisdom of the Heart. -Charles Dickens

Teacher- An Educational Rockstar

A Touch Of Friendliness,A Look With Bundles Of Advice, A Mellifluous Tone For Praise, A Word For Successful Future, All Given By My Lovely Teacher. Respect Was Not Born Nor Did It Die It Will Be Immortal For Ages, For The Guru Of Our Life. -Mamtha

Girl child

Say yes to her once and she'll never revert a no. Hold her hand once and she'll never leave yours. Keep her happy and you'll never have to frown. Fulfill her one wish and she'll never ask you for a second. But the society wasn't ever generous, to give what she needed, to give what … Continue reading Girl child